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Assault Line Макс Глебов

Название книги: «Assault Line»
Автор: Макс Глебов
Жанр: боевая фантастика, героическая фантастика, космическая фантастика, попаданцы

Цена: 199.00 руб.

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Аннотация к книге  «Assault Line»

Former Brigadier General Dean, who is now Captain Igor Lavroff, is still far from completing his main task, but the most pressing problems seem to have been solved. The attack from the outside has been repulsed, all charges dropped, and the new high office opens up great prospects. But as we know, if you think everything’s okay, then you just don’t know everything…

During a deep raid on the rear of the quargs, Igor Lavroff makes two unpleasant discoveries at once.

One, six months from now, the Earthlings will have to repel attacks of dozens of Titan-class battleships, which means the enemy can neutralize the defenses of any star system controlled by humanity.

And two, the war with the quargs has entered a moderate phase not because the enemy has weakened, but because he is fighting on two fronts. Somewhere in the depths of space, the quargs face a force capable of destroying cruisers with a powerful weapon that burns through armor. Yet Lavroff feels that even such a powerful potential ally of humans in the war against the quargs is being defeated.

Which means that very soon the Earth Federation will have to repel a particularly massive attack by the sworn enemy.

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Does humanity have time to prepare for a decisive battle? Or is it too late?..

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Assault Line Макс Глебов

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