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Foothold For A Loner Макс Глебов

Название книги: «Foothold For A Loner»
Автор: Макс Глебов
Жанр: боевая фантастика, героическая фантастика, космическая фантастика, попаданцы

Цена: 199.00 руб.

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Аннотация к книге  «Foothold For A Loner»

In a distant galaxy the Human Empire is slowly losing its war with alien invaders. Then one day the Empire discovers another human civilization millions of light-years away, but it lags behind technologically. This distant civilization is also in a war for its very existence. The Empire sees a chance for its salvation by joining with this potential ally. A portal consisting of a pair of hypergates on each side is needed, however. Meanwhile, the Empire's Brigadier General Dean has been exposed to deadly radiation in battle with the aliens, and he is preparing to meet his death. Unexpectedly, he is offered to take part in a top-secret experimental project – to have his mind transferred into the brain of an incurably sick young man lying in a coma in that distant human civilization. Dean’s task in this new body is to find a cure for his disease, then make a military career, strive to a high position in their society and ultimately to ensure that a second hyper-portal gate is built so that it will connect the two civilizations.

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Foothold For A Loner Макс Глебов

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