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Italian Recipes For Dummies Amy Riolo, Wiley

Название книги: «Italian Recipes For Dummies»
Автор: Amy Riolo, Wiley
Жанр: кулинария

Цена: 1736.43 руб.

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Аннотация к книге  «Italian Recipes For Dummies»

Your roadmap to cooking like an Italian your very own home For those of us not lucky enough to have our very own Italian grandmother or have attended culinary school in Italy, Italian Recipes For Dummies is stepping in to fill the gap. Award-winning chef and author Amy Riolo delivers a step-by-step guide to creating authentic Italian dishes, starting from the basics and progressing to more advanced techniques and recipes.

You'll discover how to shop for, plan, and cook authentic Italian meals properly. You'll also find guidance on how to incorporate the cultural, nutritional, and historical influences that shape classic Italian cuisine.

This book includes:

Individual chapters on staples of the Italian pantry: wine, cheese, and olive oil More than 150 authentic Italian recipes with step-by-step instructions Access to a Facebook Page hosted by the author that provides extended resources and up-to-date information on mastering Italian cooking The perfect book for amateur chefs, Italy afficianados, homemakers, and anyone else looking for culinary inspiration, Italian Recipes For Dummies is also an indispensable guide for people seeking healthier ways of shopping, cooking, and eating without giving up amazing flavors and rich foods.

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Italian Recipes For Dummies Amy Riolo, Wiley

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